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Learn more about the care, support and resources that ChaplainCare provides.

ChaplainCare partners with you to determine the levels of service that best support your needs, culture, and goals.

When it comes to chaplaincy, there is no one-size-fits-all. ChaplainCare's offerings are customized to best serve the needs of each company. We invest the time needed to understand the complexities of your organization. Our commitment to a relational, responsive approach is the key to recommending placing a workforce chaplain that will be a dynamic, impactive fit for your company.

These Factors Guide ChaplainCare's Approach:

ChaplainCare support is tailored to meet your needs.


Onsite Workforce Chaplains are a vibrant resource, providing direct, face-to-face care in ways that build culture, community, and engagement.


Virtual Care adds a real-time component of 24/7 support that expands accessibility to chaplaincy, spiritual caretaking and crisis response.


Many organizations benefit from a blend of onsite and virtual care to ensure broad accessibility for a complex, decentralized workforce.

ChaplainCare is fit-focused, placing experienced Chaplains based on organizational needs and culture.

With over 176 years of combined military chaplaincy experience, the ChaplainCare team has collectively placed thousands of chaplains in a broad spectrum of environments and cultures. Whether your organization is corporate, retail, light industrial, or virtual, workforce chaplaincy is a benefit that adds rich value to employees and leaders alike with unbiased, agenda-free support. As career chaplains, ChaplainCare leadership has first-hand knowledge of the most essential factors in vetting chaplains. You can trust that your chaplain fully meets the ChaplainCare Learning Academy's best-in-class credentialing standards:

Everyday, ChaplainCare is providing care and ministry of presence— with these services that help employees and leaders feel supported and equipped.

24/7, 365 day a year
On-Call Chaplain Access

Crisis & Disaster Response

Executive Care & Advisement

Training & Continuing Education

Compassionate Interfaith Counsel without Agenda

Medical Diagnosis Support

Leadership Development

Religious Freedom, Accommodation, Core Values Advisement

Community, Faith-Based and Resource Referrals

Grief Counseling

Caring For All Faiths, Beliefs, and Worldviews

Relationship Building & Conflict Resolution

ChaplainCare Provides Leadership Support & Learning Benefits that Add Value

ChaplainCare leaders maintain additional leadership development certifications.
Organizations may request ongoing or event-specific support as a seamless extension of services that equip and enhance your workforce.

ChaplainCare champions a mindset of lifelong learning for our clients, their workforce, and our Chaplains. This is the genesis of the ChaplainCare Academy. Your Chaplain can grant access to a rich vault of training and individual resources through the ChaplainCare Academy Online Portal based on individual and organizational needs and goals. 

Our Founder Alan T. "Blues" Baker

Alan T. Baker has over 34 years of direct chaplaincy experience. He now trains, supervises, and endorses prospective and current chaplains in a variety of settings. Baker's experience includes service in college, corporate, and military chaplaincy.

A graduate of the United States Naval Academy, Baker rose to the rank of rear admiral. He currently teaches at Fuller, Gordon-Conwell, and Wesley seminaries.

Alan is passionate about workforce chaplaincy and sees it as the most exciting and fastest-growing segment of specialized soul care. 

Alan released the book Foundations of Chaplaincy: A Practical Guide in 2021.

Let Our Team Serve Your Team

Alan T. "Blues" Baker

Chief Executive Officer

Doyle Dunn

Chief Operating Officer

Johnny Poole

Chief Strategy Officer

Rubye Taylor-Poole

Chief Financial Officer

Mark Hendricks

Chief Talent Acquisition Officer

Kimberly Moses

Chief Learning Officer

Core Values that Empower


ChaplainCare provides professional, reliable and agenda-free interfaith support and confidential care for all through the ministry of presence.


ChaplainCare champions leadership development at all levels and serves as expert advisors for senior leaders on religious accommodation, ethics and character development.


ChaplainCare advances lifelong learning by recognizing the positive effect that spiritual health, vision, and values has on motivation, engagement and growth.

Foundations of Chaplaincy:
A Practical Guide by Alan Baker

Chaplaincy is unlike any other kind of ministry. It involves working outside a church, without a congregation, usually in a secular organization. It requires ministering to those with starkly different religious convictions, many of whom may never enter a house of worship. It is, as Alan Baker writes, “ministry in motion.”