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Serving People, Strengthening Organizations


Serving People, Strengthening Organizations

Workforce Chaplaincy is an investment in the resiliency, emotional health, and overall wellbeing of your people and your company.

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If the opportunity for impact and contribution through the ministry of presence resonates with you, take the next step and learn how ChaplainCare chaplains make the world (and the workforce) a better place.

Workforce Chaplaincy adds a meaningful and often missing layer of support to employee wellbeing, diversity and inclusion.

Right now, workplaces are more disconnected than ever before. With a record number of organizations transitioning to virtual and hybrid models, leaders are searching for tools that effectively bridge the deeper cultural impacts of these shifts on relationships, employee engagement, and productivity. While companies were once hesitant to include faith in DEI efforts, they are now taking important steps toward accommodating faith by extending compassionate, pastoral-style care and resources to all employees, regardless of faith affiliation.

Workforce Chaplaincy supports people organization-wide.

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Employees at All Levels

Virtual and Direct Chaplaincy offers real-time, interfaith soul care resources that build community and supports people in good times and in crisis.

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Our Workforce Chaplains advise and support leaders with essential insights on overall wellbeing and culture, plus support leadership development.

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Human Resource Professionals

Human Resource leaders are integrating faith-in-the workplace programs into their approach to their diversity and inclusion offerings.
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Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Employee Resource Groups are finding Workforce Chaplaincy is a powerful tool that bridges life experiences and backgrounds.


24/7 virtual access to our team of Interfaith Workforce Chaplains supports confidential conversation in spiritual caregiving and crisis response scenarios.


Onsite Workforce Chaplains are selected and placed based on your unique needs and culture. Realtime presence helps to build connections and deepen community.

A broad spectrum of interfaith support and resources without judgement or agenda


ChaplainCare provides spiritual ministry to people who identify with the faith group of their Chaplain, including specialized religious counsel, study, education, and community connections.


ChaplainCare facilitates care for people identifying with other faith groups. Our diverse knowledge base supports a broad spectrum of religious needs, accommodations, and connections.


ChaplainCare provides caring support for all people regardless of faith affiliation, offering organizationally appropriate and confidential care, counseling, and coaching outside of a faith-group context.


ChaplainCare integrates seamlessly with senior leadership, serving as trusted advisors able to provide specialized insights into religion, ethics, and humanitarian matters as well as social responsibility.