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We're passionate believers in the power and value of lifelong learning. These online resources are curated to encourage the continuous pursuit and refinement of knowledge and new skillsets. We are the experts in Chaplain Training. We have trained Chaplains to serve in every conceivable situation around the world. Workforce Chaplain learning begins here.

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Hi! I'm Kimberly Moses, ChaplainCare's Chief Learning Officer. Let's connect.

With more than 22 years of direct chaplain experience, I'm passionate about the growth and continuous learning that is a natural byproduct of chaplaincy. I was privileged to serve as the Executive Officer at the Naval Chaplain School and Center (NCSC) and as a Chaplain for the United States Naval Academy. During that time I had the honor of developing nearly 500 chaplains and mentoring thousands of men and women who are now professional executives.

Let's talk about how studying for workforce chaplaincy makes you a more impactful servant leader.

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