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ChaplainCare compliments and completes your existing resilience and wellness offerings

Let's talk about what workforce chaplaincy could look like in your organization.

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Hi, I'm Johnny Poole, Chief Executive Officer of ChaplainCare. Let's connect.

Throughout his chaplain career, Johnny has led multi-faith spiritual care teams throughout the world and supervised the placement, assignment, and training of hundreds of chaplains serving a broad spectrum of workforce cultures. A champion for freedom of religion and spiritual resilience, Johnny is passionate about helping individuals and organizations maximize their potential and achieve stretch goals and dreams. Let's talk about what chaplaincy can offer your company.
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ChaplainCare provides specialized caregiving that most organizations aren't equipped to offer.

Ensuring your students and employees have the leadership, guidance, and support they need to bring their best to the classroom and work can be difficult to balance with competing priorities. Yet time and again, studies show that companies that intentionally develop cultures of caring experience higher rates of employee engagement and overall growth. Chaplains provide unbiased, agenda-free caregiving for all regardless of faith affiliation. ChaplainCare functions as a seamless partner to human resource teams, deepening culture or caring and core values in meaningful, tangible ways when your people need it the most.

ChaplainCare tailors our level and structure of support to best serve your needs and goals.

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Onsite Workforce Chaplains are a vibrant resource, providing direct, face-to-face care in ways that build culture for academic excellence, community, engagement, freedom of religion, and life-long learning.

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Many organizations benefit from a blend of onsite and virtual care to ensure broad accessibility for a complex, decentralized workforce.

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Virtual Care adds a real-time component of 24/7 support that expands accessibility to chaplaincy, spiritual caregiving and crisis response.

Here are just a few of the ways that our Chaplains meet people in the midst of everyday life:

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24/7, 365 Days-A-Year On-Call Access

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Crisis & Disaster Response

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Executive Care & Advisement

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Training & Continuing Education

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Compassionate Counsel without Agenda

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Medical Visits and Support

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Leader Development

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Religious Accommodations

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Community, Faith-Based and Resource Referrals

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Grief Counseling

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Caring For All Faiths, Beliefs, and Worldviews

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Relationship Building & Conflict Resolution

Chaplains are a valued partner and consultant to senior leaders.


Chaplains are valued advisors to leadership teams in a variety of scenarios, providing insight and expertise that informs decision-making.


Our Chaplains are well-versed in religious accommodations and able to make direct effective recommendations.


Realtime engagement on matters of ethics and character development adds valuable perspective to policy and communication.


Many of our ChaplainCare leaders hold additional certifications in leadership development and are able to support you in this key area.

Chaplains reinforce culture and core values in tangible ways.

ChaplainCare is passionate about the direct relationship that the recognition of faith, spirituality and religious accommodation has on overall employee and organizational wellbeing. By closing the gap in this essential and often missing facet of care, we ultimately function as catalysts of organizational health and culture. Our metrics-based approach is proven to improve engagement and positively affect outcomes from the front-lines through senior leadership.

Chaplains collaborate with Employee Resource Groups.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are finding Workforce Chaplaincy is a powerful tool that bridges life experiences and backgrounds. ChaplainCare is a valuable addition to ERG offerings, providing hands-on spiritual care that ensures individuals of all faith backgrounds have a dedicated resource available in this often overlooked area. Ultimately, the presence of a workforce chaplain reflects a willingness to recognize expressions of faith as an essential facet of overall wellbeing for many employees.

chaplaincare,deia,wellness offerings

ChaplainCare Provides Leadership Support & Learning Benefits that Add Value

ChaplainCare leaders maintain additional leadership development certifications. Organizations may request ongoing or event-specific support as a seamless extension of services that equip and enhance your workforce.

ChaplainCare champions a mindset of lifelong learning for our clients, their workforce, and our Chaplains. This is the genesis of the ChaplainCare Academy. Your Chaplain can grant access to a rich vault of training and individual resources through the ChaplainCare Academy Online Portal based on individual and organizational needs and goals.