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Workforce Chaplaincy is a calling unlike any other, impacting the workplace for good through the ministry of presence and relationship.

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Learn more about our ministry model, clients, and how we equip and support our interfaith Veteran-led team of chaplains.

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Chaplains provide unbiased, agenda-free care for all through the ministry of presence.

No other religious vocation offers the vibrancy of chaplaincy. Chaplains encourage and activate meaningful application of personal beliefs and values as individuals navigate and respond to the difficult and the positive realities of life, work, and relationships. This vital ministry is primarily one of support, providing spiritual direction and personal and professional life coaching that fortifies the spiritual health of individuals and communities.

Chaplaincy is an immensely challenging, constantly evolving, and profoundly fulfilling calling entrusted with bearing the presence of God in a broad spectrum of situations and cultures. Workforce Chaplains stand as both bridge and buffer between the institution and its people.

Chaplains care for all regardless of faith affiliation and guide organizations in program development and best practices that support many expressions of faith and a holistic view of each individual.

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With ChaplainCare, you work with a divine purpose, but you're never by yourself. Here are just a few of the reasons that Chaplains love serving with us.

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Service Model developed by Chaplains, with Chaplains in mind

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Our Chaplains are empowered to minister autonomously.

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Access to robust tools, platforms and a built-in support network.

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We prayerfully pair companies with Chaplains based on overall fit.

ChaplainCare provides an uncommon and often overlooked facet of spiritual care that helps people feel seen and valued

Right now, Fortune 500 organizations are searching for meaningful ways to support their people's overall well-being and emotional health. As companies move toward a richer approach to health and safety, Chaplains supporting the workforce are on the rise. CEOs, HR professionals, and Employee Resource Groups are recognizing the difference Chaplains make in sustaining a flourishing school system, corporate workforce and local community. If this resonates with you, reach out today to take the next steps.

Wondering if ChaplainCare is a fit with your faith profile, experience, and strengths? Here are some of the qualities we look for:

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Chaplain Care offers Virtual Care options that provide 24/7 access to spiritual caregiving and crisis response. Virtual care is an empowering option for Chaplains seeking remote opportunities for ministry.


ChaplainCare is fit-focused and takes great care in matching faith-friendly companies with vetted chaplains that are a great fit for their caring culture and community. The onsite accessibility of direct care builds a connected, vibrant ministry.

Workforce Chaplaincy incorporates the traditional tenants of Chaplaincy alongside unique opportunities for impact and innovation.



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Hi! I'm Gerald Gray, ChaplainCare's Government Affairs Director. Let's connect.

I have helped over 400 ministry professionals like you find a place to serve as a Chaplain. With over 30 years of chaplaincy experience, I know the questions you have and can help you through the process. 

Let's talk about where chaplaincy can take you.

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Chaplain Jobs

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