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What is ChaplainCare?

Chaplain Alan T. "Blues" Baker and Chaplain Doyle Dunn describe what ChaplainCare is and how it can best fit into your company's employee care offerings.


1 minute 42 seconds

Tell Me About Military Chaplaincy

Chaplains Alan Baker and Doyle Dunn of ChaplainCare discuss how chaplaincy functions within the United States Military. They also detail how that method of Chaplaincy is best for diversity, equity, and inclusion within corporations.

2 minutes 8 seconds

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What Are The Three Models of ChaplainCare

ChaplainCare CEO, Alan Baker, and COO, Doyle Dunn, explain the 3 models of ChaplainCare. They also discuss the flexibility and coverage these models provide.

1 minute 44 seconds

Our Mission and Vision

ChaplainCare's CEO, Alan T. "Blues" Baker, and COO, Doyle Dunn share the mission and vision of ChaplainCare. They describe how this mission and vision drive us to do what we do.

1 minute 40 seconds

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